bsnes v114 released

In celebration of Max completing his testing of the entire SNES library in both bsnes’ fast and accurate PPU rendering modes, and all bugs reported now corrected, today I’m releasing bsnes v114.


  • fixed an issue with manually created save states that appeared in v113 (corrected as of v113.1)
  • added run-ahead support to the libretro target [realnc]
  • macOS: fixed an issue with OpenGL shaders [Sintendo]
  • added CPU joypad polling override for Taikyoku Igo - Goliath
  • added PPU overrides for Marvelous, Super SWIV, Winter Olympics, and World Cup Striker
  • added hotfix for Nichibutsu Arcade Classics (even on real hardware, the attract sequence would sometimes hang)
  • fixed region heuristics for the Scandanavian release of Tintin in Tibet
  • added a heuristic override for Yuyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (the game’s title overwrites the mapping mode identifier)
  • properly clear overscan region when overscan is disabled (SNES Electronics Test with PAL video mode)
  • updated bsnes to use the latest SNES preservation project database (a few dozen more games added)
  • reverted gamepak (folder) firmware naming to use architecture name rather than identifier name
  • renamed lr35902.boot.rom to sm83.boot.rom for gamepaks
  • fixed typo in the GUI regarding the HD mode 7 +/- hotkeys


bsnes v114 (Windows binary) 4 MB
Jan 08, 2020

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